About Cannon Hill Logistics

Warehousing and Distribution Services on the East Coast


Cannon Hill Logistics is a privately held corporation specializing in outsourced wholesale and retail product distribution, fulfillment and logistics services. We have 30 years experience in providing fulfillment and distribution services. The company operates from its distribution center in historic downtown Frederick, MD. We are a small company that prides itself on delivering highly personalized service.

Cannon Hill Logistics is dedicated to providing the tools and services to allow new and existing companies to streamline product distribution, increase market share through existing and emerging technologies and provide information and marketing services to expand and open new avenues of product distribution.

Cannon Hill Logistics is proud to be a member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

Diversity of Service 

Cannon Hill Logistics offers a wide-range of services. In a high-tech world, we pride ourselves on supplying a highly personal touch to our business.

This is only possible due to our exceptional staff! Here are just a few faces behind Cannon Hill Logistics: